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History of the "Bottom Thirty"
These pages feature Kenny Everett's "Bottom 30" and other terrible records.
Sometime ago a British DJ called Kenny Everett had a radio show on London radio station, Capital. This show, probably with some knowledge of Dr Demento, played really bad records.
Eventually there were two presentations of The Bottom Thirty. There were some famous names featured. Leonard Nimoy, Hughie Green, Bob Monkhouse, Adam Faith Hayley Mills, Patrick MacNee all had entries.
The record voted worst was Jimmy Cross  I WANT YOUR BABY BACK. It had made the US charts (#92) many years previously and was re-released in Britain (see picture sleeve) with limited success.
I have still not managed to find all the records featured and it has been a challenge to find other really bad records!!
The First Bottom 30
Jimmy Cross I Want My Baby Back - World's Worst Record   Kenny Everett had a radio show on Capital Radio and played the thirty worst records. We're not talking about Tweets, crazy frogs here - a really bad record takes some skill.
The pages show the actual records and give a background on some of the artists. Many are famous and others are totally unknown.
The Second Bottom 30
William Shatner LP   Kenny Everett also broadcast a second Bottom 30. In addition there are others which just failed to make it.
There are also a few other singles from the 70s and 80s which are worth mentioning.
I have had less success finding the second Bottom 30.
Other really rotten records and some CDs
Upsetters on CD Some of these awful records can be found on CDs. This page has a list of those CDs.
The list is not comprehensive and some tracks, such as the Trashmen, are available on many records. Also there may be other tracks which have become available since this page was built. There is no guarantee that any of the CDs are currently available since some were acquired a while ago. Also they come from various countries including the UK, US and on the continent.